This page contains contact information for the Officers of the Cardinal Glen Community Association Board of Directors.

Allan Martel
135 Dunbarton Court
613-744-1938 or 613-890-3651

Patricia Senack




2 Responses to Contacts

  1. Dave McKerrow says:

    Hello: I reside in the Brigil apt building and have greatly appreciated the use of the black garbage pail you placed by the park for dog waste. I often was the guy who pulled the garbage pail to the curb for pickup. Starting about 6 weeks ago, the City of Ottawa seems to have stopped emptying the container. It is full and I’ve stopped using it. I think the City may have changed it pickup criteria; it may be a recyclable pickup but it’s in a garbage pail so they ignore it. Either way, no City pickup is taking place. I have proposed to Brigil management to put a big green bin out by their entrance for this purpose but they haven’t seen the need to do that. I’m sure the dog owners in the Brigil building who use your container would be willing to financially contribute to whatever the City requires for pickup of this stuff. Many thanks, Dave

    • allanmartel says:

      Hi Dave

      Can you please call me at 613-890-3651? I have a likely solution to this problem.

      Best regards

      Allan Martel
      Cardinal Glen Community Association

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