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Cardinal Glen Community Association 2016 – 2017

At the Cardinal Glen Community Association (CGCA) Annual General Meeting held in October 2017,members voted in a new board of Directors for the coming year. We are  Allan Martel, Alex McNiven, Ajay Singh, Alex Boucher, Luc Rivard, and Patricia Senack.

“About Us” describes the purpose of our organization as well as some of the things we are working on for the coming year. One of our initiatives is the ongoing maintenance of the Cardinal Glen Community Association Web Site which is our primary vehicle for communicating with residents in the community.

We urge you to review the CGCA site regularly and to feed back to us any comments or concerns that you might have related to the Cardinal Glen community. If you have information to upload to the site, please contact Allan Martel at 135 Dunbarton Court or at 613-744-1938. Allan has built the CGCA site and will act as webmaster for the coming year.

The aim of the CGCA Association is to enhance the quality of life of our neighbourhood by giving members a forum to come together and find solutions to mutual problems. It also allows us a voice beyond Dunbarton Court by liaising with other community associations to deal with concerns we all share.

Probably all of you are aware of the two larger events we organize each year, the AGM which serves as an open forum for members to discuss problems and suggest solutions and the very popular annual Canada Day celebration in the park.  We have now added a third Annual Event – the October CGCA Community Garage Sale held annually on the first Saturday in October.

An example of enhancing the quality of life by increasing safety is our Neighbourhood Watch network. The board member responsible for this is in contact with the Community Police Officer responsible for our neighbourhood who sends him warnings about criminal activities in our area and advice about keeping yourselves and your homes safe. “Block captains” then relay this information to our members by email. There is a Neighbourhood Watch section within the new CGCA Web Site where further information can be found.

An excellent instance of members coming together to share common problems is the formation of a maintenance and upkeep group where people in similar models who are experiencing similar problems can consult and share solutions. There is a section of the new CGCA Web Site devoted to the Upkeep and Maintenance initiative.

We hope that when our board members request your annual $10 membership as a CGCA member that you will join us as members of the Cardinal Glen Community Association. If you have just moved in to the neighbourhood, your first year of CGCA membership is free.

From your Board of Directors

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