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This page is a forum for discussion of any items that members of the Cardinal Glen community wish to raise and will form a crucial communications link between the CGCA BoD and the residents of Cardinal Glen.

There are several ongoing items that will be discussed in this section of the Web Site including issues arising during the construction phase of the Brigil development, the refurbishment of the play equipment in our local park, the need for volunteers to assist with special projects within our community and several other issues that will arise over the course of the year.

BoD members Alex McNiven and Ajay Singh will be primarily responsible for community liaison this year and they will also lead several important project teams to be formed from interested community members.

Allan Martel, webmaster, will moderate the discussion forum to ensure that spam or spurious content is not displayed.  Please begin any new discussion thread with a title of the topic to be discussed.  This will enable folks to find items of interest to them and to ensure that comments are posted under the correct subject.


Here is a recent E-mail from our Councillor’s office updating the St Laurent Blvd. Bike Lane Plan

On behalf of Councillor Nussbaum, thank you for your email. I am happy to provide you with some information on the St. Laurent lane reconfiguration project.

The City has repainted the lanes on St. Laurent Boulevard between Hemlock and Montreal Roads to include bike lanes in either direction, two lanes for vehicle travel, and left turn lanes at intersections and driveways to some of the apartment complexes.

The addition of cycling lanes along these blocks was identified as a priority last year to connect the City’s East-West Bikeway and improve the safety of all road users, by buffering pedestrians from traffic and reducing vehicle speeding.

City staff and a consultant team undertook a feasibility study to assess traffic impacts and identify a configuration that maintains vehicle capacity and travel efficiency. An initial open house was held in September 2014 to gauge resident views and a second open house was recently held in June 2015 to present the study findings and new lane configuration.

More information, including the roadway plan and a comment summary from the recent Open House, is detailed on the City’s project webpage.

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions. I have also cc’d Andrew Evraire from the City’s project team in case you have more technical questions about the changes.

CONTACT for further information

 Miranda Spessot

Councillor’s Assistant | Adjointe au Conseiller Tobi Nussbaum

City of Ottawa | Ville D’Ottawa Tel/ Tél: 613-580-2424, ext./poste 28313


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