CGCA Annual General Meeting Minutes





    1. Low Attendance noted – need better notice for next year
    1. Reviewed and Approved
    1. Free Little Library – not yet completed – target is November 2018. – AM
    2. Benches on the Islands – Update – Office of Tobi Nussbaum – TN
      1. Looks likely – Tobi to update
    3. Increase BoD Membership – AM
      1. David Rostenne & Peter Ross Standing for Election to BoD
    4. Vote to approve new BoD members – AM
      1. Rostenne & Ross elected
  4. Treasurer’s Report for 2018 – Patricia Senack  – Treasurer
    1. See attachments
  5. Review of Activities in 2018:
    1. Wassailing – Cardinal Glen Impromptu Choir – Arnold Midgley
      1. Super cold weather prevented caroling in 2017
    2. Open Gardens Tour – Denise Rackus & Helen Zettel
      1. Tours held successfully – particularly appreciated by new residents
    3. Dunbarton Island Improvements – BZ, PS, Members
      1. Islands 1 and 3 improved with mulch, rocks & planting
    4. Cardinal Glen Park Redevelopment – Assessment – Members
      1. Unanimous positive assessment of park redevelopment
    5. Picnic in the Park – Report and Raffle – AM & PS & Members
      1. 250 attendees – Great cooks helpers & food – Broke even $wise
    6. Edible Trees Planting Project – AM & Tree Recipients
      1. 20 edible trees or shrubs planted
      2. Harvest to be shared with undernourished children
    7. Garage Sales – Summer and Fall
      1. Attendance spotty in June; better in September



    1. Proposed Activities for 2019:
      1. Open Gardens Tour
        1. Denise & Helen to operate
      2. Further Islands Improvements – Rocks, Plants, Mulch, Benches?
        1. Funds available if interest exists.  Benches a real possibility.
      3. Tapping Maple Trees to Produce Maple Syrup – HZ
        1. Residents to be surveyed – only those interested will participate
      4. Canada Day Picnic or September Picnic or Both? – AM
        1. September for Picnic & Raffle; Canada Day – Cake & Ice Cream
      5. New Park Rental Rates for 2019 – AM
        1. Seem high – other options to be looked into
      6. Community Garage Sale (s)
        1. Veronic to organise – new signage prepared and with Veronic
      7. Cardinal Glen Garden Club – Advice & Plant Exchange
        1. Tried before – may not work – need champion to organise
      8. Free Books Library – Located on Island?
        1. Island 3 – 3 season operation – Under construction
      9. Tool & Equipment Library
        1. Ladders and Tools loan – Champion to set this up??
      10. Suggestions From the Membership
        1. Proposal to establish Walking Club
          1. Will try to organise soon
        2. Giveaway Day – October 20, 21 – City Ottawa
        3. Cardinal Glen – October 19th

Note – Each activity listed above is meant to be organised and operated by the interested parties within Cardinal Glen.  It is suggested that each activity have a designated lead who would co-ordinate an E-mail list unique to the activity (e.g. Community Garage Sale Group, or Wassailing / Carols Singing Group, etc.).

  • Other Items
    1. Tree Wrap available for newly-planted fruit trees
      1. See Allan Martel for free wrap
    2. Need volunteer to store sandbox toys over winter
      1. Still looking for volunteer
    3. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Tables for sale
      1. Announced availability at about $15 per table
    4. Other Business from Members attending
      1. Alex raised article – Radio Canada re landfill
        1. AM committed to investigate
      2. Benches outside Park – to discuss with Tobi Nussbaum
      3. Doggie – do Garbage Cans
        1. Install signage on Park garbage cans pointing to can at top end of Park
        2. Add sign on Doggie-Do garbage can
        3. Thanks Patricia for maintaining this


  1. Close of Meeting – AM
Treasurer’s Report for 2018




2017 CGCA AGM Minutes

Cardinal Glen Community Association (CGCA)

2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)


When:  Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 19:00-21:00

Where:  St David & St Martin Presbyterian Church, 444 St. Laurent Blvd


Distribution:  Board of Directors (BoDs) and posted on CGCA Website:


  1. 1. Call to order – Allan Martel (7:00 pm)
  2. CGCA By-Laws
  3. CGCA 2016 AGM – Approval of Minutes & Review Action Items
  4. City Updates & Community Concerns, Tobi Nussbaum, Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor
  5. Cardinal Glen Community Affairs & Events
  6. BoD Present:                  Allan Martel, President; Patricia Senack, Treasurer; Luc Rivard.BoD Apololgies:  Ajay Singh, Alex McNivenGuests:                 Tobi Nussbaum, City Councillor
    1. Call to order and Welcome. Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and extended a warm welcome to all in attendance.
    2. CGCA By-Laws. Allan presented the following proposed changes to the CGCA By-Laws.  There were no objections to the proposed changes, which were motioned for approval by Bob Milling.  The following changes to the CGCA By-Laws were approved:
    • Financial year changed from “August 1 to July 31 annually” to “Fiscal Year End is 5 October”;  and
    • “nine directors” changed to “up to nine directors (minimum 3)”, and Quorum for meeting:  4 directors, added “or 50% of Directors”,
    1. Approval of 2016 CGCA AGM Minutes and Status of Action Items. Since there were no objections raised to the 2016 AGM Minutes posted on the CGCA Website, the minutes were considered approved as written.


    Status of Action Items:

    CLOSED Action Items (AIs):  AI #2 – Brigil issues resolved; #6 – Park Garbage, no longer an issue; and AI #7 –  Tobi Talks Website is accessible via the CGCA Website “”.;

    OPEN Action Items:   AI #1 – North Bound Turn Signal; AI #3 – Annual Garage Sale; AI #4 – Park Refurbishment; AI #5 – Garden Tours; and AI #8 – Benches on Islands.  AI #9 – Circuit Training Exercise Devices on Islands, deferred pending decision on benches. The status of these action items was provided by Tobi Nussbaum and Allan Martel and is captured below.

    1. City Updates & Community Concerns. Tobi Nussbaum. Tobi provided an update on affairs happening in Ward 13 – RIDEAU-ROCKCLIFFE, and a status update on last year’s AGM Action Items.  News and events happening in the Ward can be found on Tobi’s Website “TOBI TALKS”, which is accessible via the CGCA Website “”.

    Rideau High School.  The City is considering making this facility a hub for a Community Resource Centre (CRC), and moving the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resources Centre (RRCRC) currently located on Donald St.  This is also a potential future location for a new school, based upon forecast demand in future years, thus the reason for maintaining the facility.

    CFB Rockcliffe.  The construction of the “Waterridge Village”, formerly CFB Rockcliffe. is now underway, with initial occupancy for Phase One expected this year.  Roads in Phase 1A of the development are now open.  Concept Plans for two new parks in Wateridge Village will be ready for public consultation on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.


    The National Research Centre (NRC) has granted OC Transpo roadway access through the NRC campus.  From Tobi’s perspective, access to Public Transit is one of the key foci to the development of this community.


    Beechwood Avenue. Phase 2 of the redesign of Beechwood Ave is now complete.

    Salvation Army Move.

    Tobi’s office is waiting for feedback on the public consultation session that was hosted by the Salvation Army last month. Tobi has posted a blog on his website that explains his concerns with this project, his plan of action, and the current project status.  For further information on this matter, please see .

    North Bound Turn Signal – AI #1.  Tobi approached the City Traffic Department two times and was told that the metrics (number of turns) do not warrant a need for a north bound turn signal, as the traffic volume is too low.  The south bound turn signal was installed to accommodate the heavy traffic volume onto Brittany.  Tobi stated that he will ask for a 3rd Traffic Count in several months once occupancy rates in the Brigil development are high enough to provide a realistic measure of the volume of traffic.

    Several of the association members expressed that the concerns with regard to the St. Laurent/Dunbarton intersection is SAFETY – as the sightline of the south-bound on-coming traffic is not visible and the increased traffic volume make it near impossible to make a left turn onto the court.  Members stated that they do not feel safe when trying to make a left turn onto the court.

    Some members also stated that because of the lane reduction on St. Laurent Blvd, rush hour traffic is backed up both north & south bound, meaning that drivers have to wait for more than one light to proceed through the intersection.

    Reported concerns:  unable to see on-coming traffic; on-coming traffic running red light; have to wait for the next light to turn; once in the intersection, have to go through on a red light.

    To remedy the turn problem, some residents use Brittany to cross straight through St. Laurent Blvd, thereby avoiding the requirement to make a left turn off of St Laurent Blvd.

    Park Refurbishment – AI #4.  The City has finalized its negotiations with the Beechwood Cemetery regarding the grading and installation of a fence at the rear of the park.  The Park construction will commence this month, expected completion – Spring 2018.

    Some residents expressed concern about the safety of the school-age children who play in the open grass area in front of the park.  In their view, unlike other fenceless City parks that are openly visible from a distance, Cardinal Glen Park is not set back from the street and the playing field area borders the sidewalk where vehicles are parked.


    Although parked vehicles provide a buffer for pedestrians on the sidewalk, this buffer was considered by some to be potentially not effective should children have to go out onto the street to retrieve a ball.


    Some concern was expressed relating to the park not being visible to oncoming traffic. The City’s Parks Planner for the Cardinal Glen Park is aware of this visibility issue, and will be looking at ways to provide more open visibility of the Park.


    As the Park Concept Plan has been finalized and construction is underway, Tobi suggested further discussion be deferred until the new park is in place.  If the concerns of residents are deemed to have merit at that time, remedial action will be considered.


    Allan stated that the current park design is a done deal and is that redesign of the current plan is no longer open for discussion.  He will post the correspondence relating to this issue on the CGCA Website.


    Benches on Islands- AI #8.  It was noted that the Islands were used for snow storage, and snow storage will need to be factored in to location of the proposed benches.  Tobi also stated that the he will need to consult the Right of Way (ROW) Department as their approval will be required to move forward with the benches proposal. Benches on Islands – AI #2


    There is an update on this Action Item at the end of the AGM Minutes.


    Parked Vehicles.  Some attendees noted there are vehicles parked on both sides of the street in front of the park, some 24/7, at times reducing the road width to only one lane.  Residents have noted that many of these vehicles are not from the neighborhood, but from Brittany, likely relocated to Dunbarton Court because of road & parking lot construction.  A number of the vehicles have a temporary Consideration Parking Permit providing for short-term on-street parking privileges due to displaced parking spaces.  Insofar as this is the cause of this parking influx, we expect this issue to be resolved in the near future, as it looks like the construction activities that gave rise to the issuance of the temporary parking permits are nearly finished.


    Bike Box.

    A few weeks ago the City painted a green Bike Box at the east-bound intersection of Dunbarton & St. Laurent.  A Bike Box is a space designated to eliminate left hand turns for cyclists on heavily – travelled traffic arteries such as St Laurent Bvd.  According to the City posted bike rules, right turns on red lights are generally not permitted in intersections containing bike boxes unless an exception sign is posted.  It was noted that a section of green bicycle lane often precedes the bike box, which is not the case at this intersection.


    Allan asked Tobi to obtain an exemption allowing for right turns from Dunbarton Court to St Laurent through the bike box. Tobi said he will take this as an action item. Bike Box – AI #3


    There is an update on this Action Item at the end of the AGM Minutes.


    1. Cardinal Glen Community Affairs & Events – Allan Martel. Allan presented an overview of the Association’s yearly activities, and provided a status update on 2016 AGM Action Items.

    Christmas Caroling.  The Caroling was organized by Caroline & Arnold Midgely.  The Carols, taken from a Reader’s Digest anthology, were provided to Allan Martel by Brenda Dunbar during a fundraiser at the St. Laurent Library.  Many joyous and hearty souls participated in the impromptu choir.  Many thanks go out to neighbors for providing delicious Christmas treats.  The tour ended inside Clair & Bill Graham’s garage, where participants were graciously thankful for the warm shelter, along with the hot apple cider and homemade goodies.  Many thanks to all, and see you all again this Christmas.  It was proposed that the event be held at an earlier time.

    Garden Tours.  Allan extended appreciation to Helen Zettel and Denise Rackus for their efforts in bringing this special event back to life within the Glen.  Although it was a rainy day, dozens of home owners generously opened their gardens to the community.  The plan is to hold the annual Garden Tours in the May/June timeframe.

    Annual Garage Sale – AI #3.  Due to the timing of the long weekend, the Garage Sale was held on 30 September; the event was posted on Kijiji.  There were about 14 household participants this year, down from last year.  It was suggested that Notices be posted on the Mail Boxes a few weeks prior to the event.  It was also proposed that perhaps our Garage Sale event should be held at the same time as the Manor Park Garage Sale in June. The CGCA BoD will discuss this issue further and report to residents Annual Garage Sale – AI #4

    Canada Day Picnic.  Special thanks go out to the volunteers who worked steadfastly in the heavy downpour constructing shelters for the afternoon event.  Fortunately, the skies cleared and the turn-out was record-breaking – approximately 150 folks enjoyed the day.  Many thanks go to the community volunteers and the Board of Directors for making this a successful event; and to the numerous local merchants for their generous gift donations for the Raffle draws.  The ticket proceeds covered a large percentage of the picnic costs.  Special thanks to Vincent and William for their energetic efforts in the successful sale of the Raffle tickets.

    Next year the Board will be seeking volunteers to assist with the organizing and facilitating of the Canada Day event. Canada Day Committee – AI #5

    Free Little Library.  Free Little Library – “Take a Book.  Leave a Book”.  Allan and Bob Zittel plan to build a Book Box and have it installed outside Allan’s property prior to Christmas. Free Little Library – AI #6

    Island Clean-up.  The City clean up and added mulch to the Islands situated around the Court.  Residents around the third Island have added plants: Hostas contributed by Valerie Hannant, mulch & grasses purchased by the Board, and the upcoming planting of Tulips bulbs collected from the Beechwood Cemetery disposal site.

    There is budget available should residents wish to pretty up the other two Islands.  If interested, Denise Rackus also has Hostas to donate.

    Board of Directors.  Allan mentioned that the Association is looking for individuals to join the BoD, as the number of Board members is currently only four (4). BoD Volunteers – AI #7

    It was mentioned that the Board needs to keep the Members more informed of correspondence with Tobi Nussbaum on issues of broad interest, perhaps through broadcast E-Mails.

    1. CGCA 2017 Financial Report – Patricia Senack

    Attending members were provided with a copy of the Association’s Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2017, period ending 5 October 2017, consisting of two reports:  2 Year Financial Report; and 2017 Financial Transactions.

    At the 2017 year end, the closing Bank balance is $2,295.20, derived from:

    Opening Balance, Oct 2016          $ 1,361.10

    Revenues                                   $2,064.00

    Expenses                                    $(1,129.90)

    The Canada Day Picnic costs $837.19, of which $539 of the costs were covered by the revenue from the Raffle ticket sales.

    CGCA Memberships , 130 memberships were collected.  This relates to $1,130 in revenue, and of the 144 households, 78% are members of the Association.

    Bob Milling motioned that the Treasure’s reports be approved, there were no objections.

  7. Closing Comments

Allan reminded the CGCA Members that the CGCA Website is located at, and encouraged them to send in materials for inclusion therein.  The Minutes of the CGCA AGM will be posted on the Website and distributed by E-Mail to all residents.
Allan thanked the members for being part of the Association (CGCA) and for their interest in the community, which makes residing in the Glen such a wonderful experience.  The 2017 AGM was adjourned.

Note:  Over 50 residents from the neighborhood attended the meeting




Patricia Senack


Cardinal Glen Community Association


Action Items



AI # Description Status
1 St Laurent North Bound Turn Signal
2 Benches on Islands
3 Bike Box CLOSED
4 Annual Garage Sale
5 Canada Day Committee
6 Free Little Library
7 BoD Volunteers
9 Circuit Training Exercises on Islands



Action Items Update:  Subsequent to the AGM, there has been progress on the following Action Items:

Bike Box – AI #3.  On 25 OCT 2017, the City Branch of Transportation Policy & Network provided written confirmation that right turns on red are prohibited, only when indicated with a sign.  Traffic Services has confirmed that right turns on red are permitted.  So the correct approach for drivers is to make your initial stop behind the bike box, check for cyclists, then ease forward to make your right turn if there are no cyclists present.  Note, this is contrary to the wording posted on the City’s Website, which is being corrected. AI #03 – CLOSED. 


Benches on Island – AI #8.   The Right-of Way Department has approved in principle the placement of benches on the islands within Cardinal Glen and Tobi Nussbaum is now moving forward to obtain final approvals and funding to make the benches a reality.

CGCA 2017 Financial Report


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